Made for the People


Designed to help your team stay healthy and happy, Assembly is a development where wellbeing comes built in. Our waterside setting lifts the spirits, with its relaxing park, and our balconies and impressive roof terraces provide inspiring views across the city. Our impressive range of amenities includes a rooftop Club Room, a public restaurant, and excellent provision for your two-wheeled commute.

Find out below what the first people to work at Assembly really think of it as BT officially open Building A.

James Iles, BT Enterprise

"I don't know of many other organisations locally who have invested that heavily into the sort of the internal infrastructure to enable hundreds upon hundreds of people to cycle to work. The facilities that we have for that sort of thing are phenomenal."

Kathy McAndrew BT Enterprise

Kathy works in the HR team for BT Enterprise. Here she gives her first impressions of Building A and how it will help in her leadership, talent development and performance management role.


Post-COVID, the amenities and opportunities to network and socialise with colleagues both in and around the office are crucial to not only attracting employees back to work but also encouraging them to stay.


This film celebrate the workspaces at Assembly, and captures the early reactions from those working in and using Building A.

Made for BT

Building A has been officially opened by BT, and will become their new South West hub, eventually being home to 2,000 staff from around the region. BT very kindly allowed us access to their building just as the first staff were moving in, and below is a sneak preview of what Assembly is all about.

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