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Bristol Photo Festival photography competition winners announced

In partnership with the Bristol Photo Festival, Axa IM Alts, Bell Hammer and AHMM sponsored a photography competition for all BA and MA students studying at UWE to shoot an image to be installed in their ground floor entrance lobby.

The jury was composed of Rob Samuel (Axa IM Alts), Maëva Bregere (Axa IM Alts), Patrick Davis (Bell Hammer), Alejandro Acín (Bristol Photo Festival Director), Adam Burgess (AHMM) and Alex Chinneck (artist). After receiving all the submissions, we are very happy to announce the winners and honourable mentions: Joseph Deveney (winner) and Lucy Bentley and An Nguyen (honourable mentions).

The winning artwork will be ready for installation at Assembly Bristol in April 2024, and the students will be invited to unveil it on site in May 2024.

Read more about the competition on the Bristol Photo Festival website here.

The winning image by Joseph Deveney.

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