Shape My City students visit Assembly Bristol

In October, a team of AHMM volunteers ran a workshop for Design West as part of its Shape My City talent accelerator programme for 15-18 year olds interested in working with the built environment.

AHMM’s Rosy Jones, Becky Nixon, Mairead Gallagher and Alasdair Ferguson took the students on a site visit to see Assembly, and asked them to design the as-yet unbuilt Building B through collage and sketching. The students produced some interesting and convincing designs in just 40 minutes, with sustainability emerging (independently) as a strong driving force behind all of them.

Shape My City is Design West’s award-winning talent accelerator programme for 15-18 year olds that seeks to change the future workforce across the built environment. It gives talented young people opportunities they might not otherwise have. Female students, those from BAME backgrounds and under-represented socio-economic groups are particularly encouraged to take part.  

Video credit: Design West
Image credit: Chris Cooper

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