Watch: Why wellbeing matters

To attract the best talent as an employer you need to provide the best facilities. Post-COVID, the amenities and opportunities to network and socialise with colleagues both in and around the office are crucial to not only attracting employees back to work but also encouraging them to stay.

At Assembly, staff wellbeing has been designed in. Throughout Buildings A, B and C everything has been carefully considered, from the unique design and aesthetics of the three buildings, to the waterside park and landscaped communal event spaces. Add to that an expansive rooftop terrace and multipurpose clubroom in Building C, and a public restaurant and excellent cycling and changing facilities throughout, and this is an environment designed to enhance the wellbeing and happiness of the people that work here.

BT colleagues, the new residents of Building A, are already feeling the benefits. See what they have to say in the second of our ‘Made for the People’ films.

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